Derby Fever Trio of Stakes this Saturday!

11 Mar

Our Derby Fever Handicapping Contest kicked off last Saturday with five players tabbing Fountain of Youth Stakes winner Ete Indien at odds of 3/1. If you weren’t among them, fear not! You still have plenty of chances to qualify for the $1,200 Grand Prize on Kentucky Derby day, as well as compete for $200 in Qualifying Round prizes.

And with three Kentucky Derby prep races on tap this Saturday, there’s no better time to get started!

This week’s Derby Fever qualifying races are as follows:

$400,000 Tampa Bay Derby, 11th race at Tampa Bay Downs at 2:32pm
$300,000 Gotham Stakes, 10th race at Aqueduct at 2:42pm
$400,000 San Felipe Stakes, 8th race at Santa Anita at 3:01pm

To play, pick up your FREE entry with paid admission or CHRB license at Pleasanton OTB this Saturday, and turn it in with your picks in all three races before the 2:32pm deadline. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t attend last weekend – anybody can qualify for the Final Round on Kentucky Derby day by picking just ONE winner in any contest race.

Congratulations to last week’s winners:

Arturo Abalos
Kevin Gagnon
Eugenio Mariveles, Jr.
John Nixon
Randall Seeley

For each winner you select in the 14 Qualifying Round races, you earn one point toward the Qualifying Round prizes. At the end of the Qualifying Round on April 11, the players who select the most winners will win the following cash vouchers:

$100 for most winners
$60 for 2nd most winners
$40 for 3rd most winners

Any player who selects at least one winner in the 14 qualifying races may compete for the Grand Prize of $1,200 by picking the winner of the Kentucky Derby on May 2. The more winners you pick in the 14 qualifying races, the more money you can win on Kentucky Derby day (see the OTB Front Desk for Official Rules and Prizes).


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