Carryovers, Jackpots & Mandatories, Oh My!

26 Sep

It used to be that nothing got the handicapping juices flowing like the words “Pick Six Carryover.” But in the age of Empires and Rainbows, the words Mandatory Payout have become just as triggering, even more so since the rise of single ticket jackpots spawned the chronic misuse of the word “carryover” to drive enthusiasm from the old, to the new.

Rest assured, we still have what I would call traditional “carryovers” – dead money from a previous day’s pool that went unclaimed because nobody had winners in every leg of the wager. Only today, they tend to happen in Pick 5s instead of Pick 6s, which have all but assimilated to the Jackpot Borg.

Which brings us to another Stronach 5 with a $107,353 Carryover this Friday. That is a legit $107,353 in dead money that will be paid out to anyone with five of five winners in the Pick 5. In today’s age of Empires and Rainbows, a straight-up carryover in a .50 cent minimum wager with a 12% takeout, with one less leg to hit than a Pick 6, is a virtual “must play” type of deal.

So, without further ado, here’s the races that make up Friday’s Stronach 5 (post times Pacific):

Leg 1: Laurel Park 8 – 2:09pm
Leg 2: Gulfstream Park 7 – 2:26pm
Leg 3: Santa Anita 4 – 2:40pm
Leg 4: Golden Gate 4 – 2:54pm
Let 5: Laurel Park 10 – 3:16pm

I’m Lucky Kalanges and this is your PleasantonOTB e-news for the weekend starting Friday, Sept. 27.

Massive Rainbow 6 Mandatory Payout In Sunday’s Forecast

Speaking of Jackpots, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention their silver lining. Namely, Mandatory Payouts. These are the days when the tracks are obligated to force out the Jackpot money to all tickets with six winners. With a ton of dead money piled up on a .20 Pick 6, it’s hard to resist taking a shot, and we’ll have such an opportunity or this Sunday when Gulfstream Park forces out its Pick 6 Jackpot, which stands at just over $1.9 million heading into Thursday’s card.

If nobody scoops the Jackpot before Sunday, that’s a lot of free money for the taking for anyone who can find a winning combination on a 20-cent Pick 6 ticket. As usual, you can bet Friday’s Stronach 5 and Sunday’s Rainbow 6 at Pleasanton OTB.

Pigskin and Ponies Carryover Up to $600!

For the second consecutive week, the Cleveland Browns have triggered a carryover in Pigskin and Ponies. Two weeks ago it was for defeating the hapless New York Jets. This week it was their home loss to the Los Angeles Rams.

One lucky punter was good enough to pick Tiger Strike ($11.20) in the 9th at Los Alamitos, and River Rose ($14.00) in the nightcap at Golden Gate to get to the football half of the Pick 4 contest, only to be done-in by the mercurial Browns. After these two bad football beats, one suggestion I have for everyone who plays Pigskin and Ponies is to parlay a Win bet on both of your horse picks.

Just a $2 Win parlay on Tiger Strike and River Rose would have returned $77.

Be sure to pick up your FREE Pigskin and Ponies entry this Sunday when you come in to play the big Mandatory Payouts at Gulfstream and Churchill Downs.

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