Pigskin Carryover and Rainbow Jackpots!

20 Sep

There were no winners in the Pigskin and Ponies Pick 4 contest over the past weekend, with the decisive blow being delivered by the Cleveland Browns on Monday Night Football. One player was alive to the full $200 pot, but was probably one of the few souls  in the entire country who wasn’t aware Jets starting quarterback, Sam Darnold, was sidelined by a case of mono.

I won’t go as far as identifying the person who picked the Jets, as that is almost as embarrassing as a grown man having to call in sick with an affliction most associate with teenagers. The good news is we’re rolling the $200 prize over to this weekend, making it $400 for anyone who can pick the winners of two designated races, and the Sunday and Monday Night football games.

Get your FREE entry form this Sunday, with admission, at Pleasanton OTB.

This week’s races and games for Sunday, Sept. 22 are as follows:

Leg 1: Los Alamitos – Race 9 (4:58pm)
Leg 2: Golden Gate – Race 9 (5:15pm)
Leg 3: Sunday Night Football – Rams at Browns (5:20pm)
Leg 4: Monday Night Football – Bears at Redskins (5:15pm)

Also keep in mind that a Mandatory Payout of the Rainbow 6 at Gulfstream has been announced for Sunday, September 29. The current Jackpot stands at over $1.6 million, and it will be forced out if nobody hits it before next Sunday.


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